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IriBelt connects to an iriInsert speaker/microphone combo, which is designed to fit in a Gecko MK11 marine safety helmet. For other helmet types, please contact us to hear about the posibilities. iriBelt MKII has two PTT buttons enabling remote activation of up to two external radios. Improved operational range with normal/long-range capabilities. 

iriBelt MK1 Wireless Belt unit

SKU: 141132010
  • When none of our fully wireless iriComm 3.0 solutions match your requirements, iriBelt is the next best thing you can get to being fully wireless. iriBelt connects to an iriInsert speaker/microphone combo, which will fit in a wide variety of professional marine and safety helmets. Gecko being the most popular.

    Key features:

    • Fully waterproof
    • Bluetooth 3.0
    • Connects to the iriInsert speaker/microphone combo
    • Connects wirelessly to iriSound 2BT or to an iriConnect
    • Connects wirelessly to most Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones
    • Connects wirelessly to another iriBelt or any iriComm 3.0 unit in twin-com mode
    • >30 hours operation between charges
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