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IriComm 3.0 - Wired PLUS over the head headset, with extra options over the standard headset. Headset plugs into an IriCom Headset interface module, sold seperatly

IriComm 3.0 - Wired PLUS Headset

SKU: 141131112
  • The PLUS Version includes 2 extra features:

    - Hear Through Function will when activated, decrease the intercom/radio RX with 24 dB, and simultanious open the external microphone, letting the user having a conversation with people in front of them, without removing the headset or the helmet.

    The Hear Through Volume can be adjusted to an comfortable level.

    - High Bright LED functionality provides 3 modes. First mode is a soft reading light. Only 20 % of the Full Power will allow the user to read and see things right in front without interrupting the night vision of people around. Second mode is a Full Power Mode which will allow the user to orientate in total darkness. Third mode is a 3 Hz Full Power Strobe which will let the user be located up to 2 km away.

  • Specifically for use in loud surroundings with the best performance, iriComm 3.0 has impressive specifications e.g. IP67 waterproof rating, patent pending RX Technology and Noise Cancelling Microphone that goes up to an impressive 142 dB SPL., which is nessesary for helicopter use.

    Working in rough conditions, as Helicopter Rescue Swimmer, in TacTeams or Fire departments, the importance of clear and uninterrupted communication at sea can not be underestimated. In many cases it is what separates success from failure. Weather conditions, surrounding noise, distance to coworkers - all factors potentially making clear communication difficult or impossible.

    iriComm 3.0 will serve you day in and day out.

    iComm 3.0 comes in various configurations, and can be interfaced to external handheld radios, fixed radios, iriSound Audio Mixers and even comes in a BlueTooth version.

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