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iriBoost 100 Watt Class D amplifier which interfaces directly into an iriSound Intercom System - surface mount

iriBoost Wired 100Watt PA

SKU: 141141220
  • On many vessels a hailer or a PA system is needed, but always mounted as a Stand Alone unit. By using iriBoost, the hailer/PA system can be integrated in the iriSound Intercom System. 


    There are 2 ways to integrate iriBoost. 


    By using only an iriBoost on an iriSound channel, one or more speakers can driven by the 100 Watt Class D amplifier. iriBoost has volume adjust directly on the front, for securing the speakers to burn. iriBoost is connected in-line between iriSound and the Hailer/Speaker(s). External 12V power is conencted into iriBoost as well. If the hailer is not used as an open gateway, a PTT can be connected on the power lead. Any user can now activate the PTT and speak loud and clear through their iriComm headset.


    By adding a Radio Interface between iriSound and iriBoost, a remote PTT function becomes available. The radio interface is intelligent, and can activate the Hailer/Speaker(s). Directly from any wireless iriComm 3.0 headset, from a headset interface for a wired iriComm 3,0 or from iriSelect, the hailer can be selected like any other radio.. This gives full flexibilty.

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