We only ship to North America and select areas of South America & Europe.


  • All shipping costs as well as any import duties, taxes, or other fees associated with receiving an order are paid by you (the Buyer).

  • You must provide proper insurance coverage for shipped items.

  • You are responsible for completion and submission of all paperwork related to shipping an order outside of Canada (tax, import, and duty documents, etc.).

  • We use only 2 shipping companies:

    •    Canada Post

    •    FedEx

  • Shipping costs are calculated and paid at the time of ordering based on the size & weight of your item(s) and the selected shipping method.

  • To reflect the policies of the shipping companies, all weights are rounded-up to the nearest pound.

  • Items that exceed a shipper’s maximum size and/or weight limits will incur additional fees.

  • Notification and acceptance of any additional fees for oversized items occurs before an order is shipped.

  • You have the option to cancel your order if the fee for over-sized item(s) is not acceptable. You must notify us of your decision to proceed or not upon notification of the final shipping cost.

  • Depending on the the availability of your item(s) and the selected shipping method, the shipping date of your order may or may not appear on the check-out page. If it does not, you will be advised of the date by email as soon as possible.

See our Purchase Policies for more information about shipping.